M&M Lecture Series

Donna Fitzsimmons

Dear colleagues,

Wednesday, May 3 at 16:00, in Carre 3E will see a seminar of the inter-faculty, inter-institute Computational Science Lecture Series, hosted by UT groups with a common interest in computational approaches to physics, chemistry, engineering, biology and mathematics and by the Twente Graduate School research program for Computational Science and Engineering. 

The lecture entitled Computational Mechanics for the manufacturing industry will be presented by Ton van den Boogaard from Nonlinear Solid Mechanics (ET) at the University of Twente. An abstract of the lecture is below.

We hope to see you all,
Wouter, Claudia, and Thomas.

Research in the ET-chair Nonlinear Solid Mechanics is focused on simulation and optimization of forming processes. In this application, all three classical mechanical nonlinearities occur: nonlinear material behavior, geometrical nonlinearities (large deformations and rotations) and contact behavior. In the presentation, first an overview of the research activities of the chair will be given. Subsequently, 3 examples will be presented with a particular computational component:

  1. Development of an advanced friction model based on physical phenomena at microscale, yet efficient enough to be used at full-scale industrial forming simulations.
  2. Large-deformation analysis with mesh-regularization: from meshless to smoothed-FEM.
  3. Optimization and robustness of forming processes based on time-consuming simulations.