Cluster the great expertise on Scientific Computing at the University of Twente (UT) across all faculties, to see the member groups click here: http://www.tcsc.eu/members/

Enhance visibility of Scientific Computing and show a stronger, common UT to the world. Receive and direct visitors to the right people with the relevant expertise in the UT, related to scientific computing, open source projects and spin-off companies.

Profit from common activities, common infrastructure, common data-management, create synergy, learn from each other during events like the Computational Science lecture series and organize a yearly Computational Science day.

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Why Computational Science?

During the past decades Computational Science has become an increasingly important component in understanding and controlling the key mechanisms in the natural, biological, and technical sciences. This interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary field of research consists of the combination of mathematical and physical modeling and analysis, large-scale simulations, and the development as well as application of accurate high-performance computational algorithms. One of the major future challenges in Computational Science and also Computational Engineering concerns the design and analysis of methods in which physical, chemical and biological processes at a wide range of length- and time-scales are simultaneously and consistently integrated, and use those for predictive design and optimization in industrial practice.

Further reading:

Dated 06.10.2015 – see a comment about the future of supercomputing: "High-performance computation is rapidly overtaking traditional experimentation in many scientific disciplines." http://www.nature.com/news/modelling-build-imprecise-supercomputers-1.18437