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TGS-CSE (Twente Graduate School: Computational Science and Engineering)

UT course name, number, credit-points, and quarter given:
(1=first, 2=second semester, 3=summer-break, where A and B are first and second quarter)

  • Scientific Computing (19155200, 6 EC, 2A)
  • Programming in Engineering and Science (1158510, 3 EC, 1A and 3A)
  • Advanced Programming in Engineering and Science (1158500, 5 EC, 1B-2A)
  • Numerical Techniques for PDE (191551150, 5EC, 1B)
  • Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering (191157710, 5 EC, 1A)
  • Numerical Methods for Transport Phenomena (3.75 EC, part of: Transportverschijnselen 201400162, 1B)
  • Computational Structural Optimization (191157730, 5 EC, 1B)
  • Design of Software Architectures (192111332, 5 EC, 1A)
  • Product-Line Architectures Courses (192135400, 5EC, 1B)
  • Electronic Structure Theory I (193510020, 5EC, 1B)

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